Create the Life You Want

Can you remember the last time you…

…thought about what would make you feel happy or fulfilled?

…set aside an hour (or even a few minutes!) a day to do what you most enjoy doing?


Would you like to begin to…

…discover the person you want to be?

…reconnect with (or figure out) what’s on your list of dreams?


Women rarely make themselves a priority. So much time is spent each day doing things for everyone else in our lives. But who is taking care of you?

At A Place To Talk, our online therapy sessions are available when you are, so you can begin to take care of your needs on your own time schedule.

Sessions are goal oriented, interactive, and collaborative. Together we will define where you want to be, what you want to be doing, and what you want to have in your life. We will devise a workable plan specifically for you, and once your plan is formulated we can continue with regular sessions as you begin to attain your goals, hopes, and dreams.

Let us help you feel empowered to change what is no longer working in your life.